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Award AutoUpdate - How it works

With Award AutoUpdate, you can add the web updating system to your software product in 5 minutes!


  • Configure the product information in Award AutoUpdate Project Builder.
  • Award AutoUpdate generates two parts of files: Application Updater (client) and server files.
  • Pack the application updater into your release package to distribute to the customers.
  • Upload the server files into the web server. (Award AutoUpdate Project Builder also can do this automatically
Application updater includes a EXE file and a resource folder. You should pack these files into your product package, then the end users can run the .EXE file to update. Or you can call .exe file in your code. Also, you can call .exe with parameters for more advanced functions, E.g. Silent Mode, etc. Please note, you must place the .EXE file and the resouce folder in one directory.
Server files include the script file (also called index file) and all update files. You should upload the index file to the web server where you specified and upload the update files to one or more web server you specified.

the theory of the Award AutoUpdate
  • When building, Award AutoUpdate will create an unique flag for each file and store it in the index file.
  • When your customers run the update.exe(or called by your code), the updater will do a check to ensure that the customer has the permission to access the update server.
  • Then updater will download the index file to get the unique flag for each file and compare the files on server and the files on local machine. Then it generates the update list to determine which files should be downloaded and updated.   
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