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Award AutoUpdate - Updater

Updater - User Interface

Application updater includes two part of files: Update.EXE and a Resource folder.

You should pack these two part of files into your product package, then the end users can run the Update.EXE to update. Or you can call update.exe in your code. Also, you can call update.exe with parameters for more advanced functions, E.g. Silent Mode, etc. Please note, you must place the Update.EXE and Resource folder in one directory.
Below is the snapshots for native Windows interface.

Main Window

Checking for available update servers

Update Description

Select Server

Downloading files


Update Report

Updater - Parameters

Show a dialog for setting the proxy when update.

Silent update mode. The updater will only show an icon in the system tray and update automatically.

Silent check mode. The updater will do silent check for new version. If it find a new version, then show a dialog to ask user if update now.

The updater will not show an icon in the system tray when you are using "/Silent" or "/SilentCheck" mode.

Run in a specified language file. You can specify the language file which be loaded by the updater. The language file must be stored in the directory same as the .exe file of the updater.
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