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clipboard keylogger

Clipboard Keylogger can track and capture all the content in the Windows Clipboard, if a user use hotkey CTRL+C, CTRL+V or select the copy/paste command from the system menu. Clipboard Keylogger will directly record all the content of this user copied. It is very easy to enable the clipboard recording function in Award Keylogger Pro, you can open main window, click the options button, then select logging from the left list. enable the 'Capture clipboard data' option. click OK to save and apply your changes.

Clipboard Keylogger

After you enable this, Clipboard Keylogger will record the text content in the windows clipboard. click the Log Viewer button to open the log viewer, all the content copied will be listed.

For example: A user open a text file, then use CTRL+C to copy some content into Windows Clipboard
Clipboard Keylogger

Clipboard Keylogger will record all the content copied, then you can open log viewer to view this:
Clipboard Keylogger

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