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Family Keylogger – Keeping Your Family Safe

Everyone on a computer is up to something, whether good or bad, there is an agenda that all computer users have, and that can be troublesome for those that are in charge of large groups of people or even a parent that is concerned with their children’s activity on the internet. The Wild West has returned, and it is in the form of the World Wide Web, featuring a cornucopia of websites dedicated to all depravity and unmonitored. For that reason alone, it’s imperative to look into Family Keylogger, as a solution to figure out what is going on with any web user in your home or office.

For those that fear the idea of “invasion” of privacy, consider that this program is used by people that are in charge of overseeing the safety and well being of others. This is not meant to spy, but rather to look at what is going on for the safety of others. For instance, a technology manager would purchase Family Keylogger to make sure his employees are not surfing bad websites when he’s not around. This happens all the time, and for many technologically advanced offices, web users have crippled networks, and hard drives by surfing pornographic sites, chat rooms, and other bad websites online.

The main point of interest in this software is that it is lightweight, hard to detect by even the most savvy of web users, and it’s easy to control and install. It can save key strokes, web page visits, and a variety of other information with relative ease. In fact, Family Keylogger packs a great punch in a small package. You can make sure that nothing is getting past you without having to be intrusive or snoopy.

Some of the features that this program has is more than enough to capture negative activities in your home or office. Consider some of the highlights from the specifications of this program:

  • Email – Have all information logged sent to your private email box, full transcripts, key strokes and more.
  • Visual – You can see any major computer screen connected with this software, to have a visual monitor of what’s going on with your networked computers.
  • Invisible – This product does not show up in windows start up, or even firewall programs, it’s stealthy.
  • All Keystrokes Logged – Instant messengers, emails, browsers, word documents, anything that can be typed on a computer is logged with relative ease.

The aforementioned is just the beginning, as there is a great deal more to explore when it comes to this product. Whether for home or office use, it’s quite the interesting software for protecting and securing the activities of anyone on your network.

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