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Keylogger 64 Bit – Monitor Anything That Happens

Designs for all Windows 64 bit platforms

The old adage is true today as it ever was before, “when the cat’s away the mice will play”, and that can be attributed to a wide variety of different scenarios in life. For instance, a technology manager that isn’t around the office to see their employee’s surfing the net, or a parent that isn’t around to watch their children in dangerous chat rooms, or even a cheating spouse or girlfriend caught red handed. The aforementioned are scenarios that happen all the time in modern times, and it’s not surprising that software is required to get what’s done in secret illuminated. That’s where quality software like Keylogger 64 Bit comes in handy, especially for those that are running Windows at 64 bit. When looking at this product seriously, consider some of the highlights from the specifications.

  • Simplicity – Even technophobes will find that this software is easy. Easy isn’t even the word, because it’s beyond simplicity. Once you start the software, the default settings are amazing in terms of control, and continue to move forward with relative ease, making this one of the best monitoring tools on the market today.
  • Invisible – One of the things people worry about is getting caught using these types of software. However, Keylogger 64 Bit is completely invisible. There are no start up menu icons, no shortcuts, no program installation icons, or even system tray. Once installed, you can’t find it, let alone an unsuspecting individual utilizing the Internet.
  • Complete Logging – You can log just about anything. Whether it’s websites, chat rooms, java enabled chat devices, emails, and so much more. All the logs can be customized, emailed to your address, and exported to html if need be.
  • External Viewing – If you’re away from your computer or network, you can get reports from those computers via Email or FTP, which is crucial for those that need to do a good job monitoring employees, etc.

Keylogger 64 Bit is optimized for Microsoft Windows users. It complies with all updates of the ubiquitous operating system. If not all computers are running the full edition of Windows; you can record 32 bit applications as well as all other activities that can be done on the computer. With a good keystroke logger you can ensure that nothing is going wrong with your network, and no one is taking advantage of unfiltered web content. Content online is usually uncensored, which is why it’s crucial now, more than ever, to make sure that the Internet is not getting crippled by spam, and other bots.

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