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The Best Keylogger Software For Mac

When it comes to the best keylogger software for a Mac computer, the Mac Keylogger by Award Software is the only logical choice. This powerful software program is all you need to monitor every keystroke entered into whatever Mac computer you have the software installed on.

The information that is logged by this program can then be turned into HTML format that you can view online and can have emailed to yourself. Parents of young children as well as companies that want to monitor their employees’ use of the company’s computers often use this software.

In addition to monitoring keystrokes, the Mac Keylogger can also log all website activity that takes place on the computer, take screenshots and track which applications were used and who actually used them. The way the software is set up your employees or your children never have to know that everything they do on the computer is being monitored. You can enter a password to access the keylogger program when you want to access it and no one else will be able to detect that you have done this. The settings within this software program allow you to disable or enable the monitoring feature for each person who uses the computer.

This Keylogger for Mac is easy for anyone to install and use. You don’t need any special technical skills to be able to run this software. It is preconfigured, which means it can be installed and used quickly.

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