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Family Keylogger Free Download

Children of all ages have realized the thrill and excitement of using the Internet. Many different games and interactive sessions are available for younger children, while teenagers can often be found chatting or using Facebook to communicate with their friends. So much time is spent online today that parents have become concerned that their children may be accessing inappropriate content or sharing too much information about themselves to strangers. For these purposes, the Family Keylogger free download is available from Award Software to help parents keep track of what their kids are doing online.

The Family Keylogger free download is available for the Windows 7/8 platform and offers a number of useful features that parents can use to monitor and assess their children’s online activity.

All keystrokes made by your child during their computer usage will be logged and stored to review and report upon. Keystrokes made within applications, including web browsers, will be captured. Parents can even log usernames and passwords for online sites their kids visit, and any email, instant messages, and web searches will be stored for them to review. Instant messaging is very popular among today’s youth, so it is important for parents to know that the Family Keylogger free download is able to capture keystrokes from any of the IM clients their kids may be using.

The Family Keylogger free download is capable of recording all activity within a local application. The application name and any information that is presented within that window will be logged to the console. This helps a parent determine what games and movies were viewed, along with any pictures or dialogues opened.

The Family Keylogger free download operates in stealth mode on the local computer, enabling a parent to watch what their child is doing online without the child knowing that their activities are being monitored. Logs are maintained and emailed to the parents in order to review at their leisure.

Some other features of the Family Keylogger free download include the ability to log any website activity that takes place within any browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.); the option to take various screenshots of windows that have been opened on a computer; and to password protect the software. The Family Keylogger free download will run without users’ awareness but can be activated and edited using a special hotkey combination on the local computer. The console, called Award Personal Monitor software, can be run on a remote computer for parents to monitor and review logs, and can be password protected to ensure children cannot remove their activity logs.

Using the Family Keylogger free download can provide parents with a special peace of mind that comes from knowing their child is viewing age appropriate content and not taking part in any illegal or immoral online activity. Many children may not even be aware that their actions could have damaging consequences so using the Family Keylogger free download can provide parents with the opportunity to educate their kids on safe online computer usage.

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