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Free Computer Spy Software

Computer activity monitoring software can act like a private investigator, running unnoticed in the background of a system. Every keystroke entered by a user is recorded and logged for future examination. Many people believe that these monitoring tools are used only by malicious hackers who are intent on obtaining credit card and other personal information for the sole purpose of identity theft. While free computer spy software will be used by these unlawful persons, computer monitoring tools can be useful on a commercial or personal level, as well, for more legitimate means.

Many different online software companies offer free computer spy software, but finding the right one, the software that contains the features you specifically need, can be a tough task. PC Spy from Award Software is free computer spy software that you can download. It monitors and logs user activity, including websites visited, usernames and passwords entered, and applications launched. PC spy can even log a user’s chat or instant messenger conversations. All this information is sent using the free computer spy software to a logging console for centralized management and administration of controls. PC Spy allows you to protect the console with a password and set up notifications for when specific keywords or phrases are entered by a user.

PC Spy is a key logging program that keeps track of each and every keystroke made at a terminal. Anti-virus and anti-malware programs are unable to detect when PC Spy is running on a machine because of the nature of this rootkit. Any suspicious traffic leaving your network through the firewall may be attributed to a key logging tool, such as PC Spy, so your organization should be aware of such activity and react accordingly. You do not want PC Spy running on your infrastructure, sending private data out to an attacker.

Free computer spy software can also be used for personal reasons. Perhaps you are concerned about your spouse’s late night escapades and want to find out whether they are involved in a love affair. Install PC Spy on their computer and you could record every conversation and website visited to determine if any immoral activity is taking place. PC Spy may also be installed on your children’s computers at home so that you, as a parent, can monitor and control the websites they open and the conversations that take place between online friends. You can block certain websites with certain free computer spy software as well, creating an online policing environment that protects your kids from fraud or other illegal activity.

If computer monitoring is important to you, and you are looking for a product that offers a multitude of features providing control, monitoring, auditing and more, you need to find the right free computer spy software that meets your needs. PC Spy offers all of these capabilities and is available for download with no cost to you. Stealthy spy software is like a personal private investigator that helps keep you, your family or your employees safe.

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