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Free PC Spy Software

With so much of our time spent working online, you can imagine the need for a monitoring tool that keeps track of every keystroke, page visited or item downloaded onto a computer. While this may seem like something from a hacker’s repertoire, there are commercial uses for pc spy software. Parents want to monitor their children’s online activity. Companies want to be certain their employees are spending company time working productively. Whatever your interest in monitoring online activity, you need the best free spy software for your PC.

PC Spy is an Internet monitoring tool you can install for free to watch the online activity of anyone your wish. Free PC Spy software lets you monitor all activity without the user being aware of its existence. Screen shots and keystrokes are recorded and stored for examination at a later date so you will have a record of all Internet activity that is occurring. This information is configured so that it is automatically sent via email to your own account so, again, the user will not be aware that their activity is being carefully monitored. Free PC Spy software can help with your company’s investigations or it can verify that loved ones are visiting safe websites. Free PC Spy software is easy to install and operate, and takes minimal effort to maintain. The only minor inconvenience with the software install is that all programs on the PC must be shut down before beginning the installation. This free PC Spy software is a great way to stealthily monitor all activity on your users computers.

Using PC Spy software can come with its own problems, however. Malicious users could install this free PC Spy software on your computer without your knowledge and proceed to log every keystroke made from the machine. This means that any bank account information along with personal passwords would be captured and sent to a hacker for their own illegal purposes. Due to its design, popular anti-virus programs do not often detect PC Spy software so it could run for years before you would notice a problem. All your activity is recorded and stored on an unknown entity’s machine, where they could tap into this data for identity theft in the future. If this type of software were installed on your company’s computers, proprietary data that discusses the organization’s operations could be stolen.

It is important to be aware of the negative aspects of this free PC Spy software but also to understand that it can be quite helpful for anyone who is trying to control users’ activities or investigate a potential crime. You can even set up keyword detection abilities so that you are notified when a word is entered onto a computer. Your console for PC Spy software is password protected so that you can ensure the security of the data you are capturing. If you are looking for great free software for Internet activity monitoring, PC Spy software is a viable option for parents and organizations alike.

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