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Keystroke Recorder

An incident involving a major loss in revenue occurs at your company. You suspect your child is communicating online with a questionable character. Your organization is curious about how much time its employees actually spend surfing the Internet. What can you do to investigate these types of situations?

Aware Software has developed a top-rated keystroke logging tool called Keystroke Recorder that is perfect for these scenarios. Keystroke Recorder is a key logger – when installed on a computer, every single keystroke that takes place is recorded and sent to a central location where an administrator can review and take action. Both local computer activity and any Internet browsing can be recorded with this powerful tool. Voted one of the best keystroke logging tools by PC Magazine, Keystroke Recorder will help anyone who wishes to monitor another person’s computer usage, whether at home or at the office.

Keystroke Recorder has been configured for installation on Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2003, and Windows XP. This versatile tool can be used just about anywhere that Windows computers are being operated. What makes this tool so useful? The features of Keystroke Recorder are long and encompass all areas of computer monitoring that an administrator would require.

Keystroke Recorder is simple to install and operate, making it compatible with any computer user. The tool operates in stealth mode so anyone operating a computer running Keystroke Recorder will have no idea they are being watched. The tool records all types of computer activity, including the capture of usernames and passwords, mouse clicks, websites opened, IM chat sessions, and email. Screenshots can be taken to review the content of a web page or application that a user has been accessing. Even data that is stored on the clipboard will be captured.

The tool has the ability to send the information captured to a central location, whether via email or by FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The administrator can set up a centralized console that stores the data and also enables review and assessment of all logs that Keystroke Recorder creates. This centralized console is capable of retaining data from multiple computers running the tool, as well.

Another great feature of Keystroke Recorder is its ability to be configured to capture only on certain keywords. The administrator sets up a list of keywords upon which they would like information and each time a user types or clicks on that keyword, a notification is sent and a log is created. Keywords can be in any language as Keystroke Recorder supports international languages, too.

As the tool operates in stealth mode, its activity is not detected by local anti-virus software, nor can a user see that it is running in the Windows task list or startup menu. Due to its nature, the logs that are sent to the central console are not detected by a firewall, either. Logs are viewed within the central log viewer and can be exported into HTML format for easier reporting and printing options.

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