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What's Award Keylogger?

In various situations, it essential to keep a tab on the employees or the family members or teenagers that are in the family when they use your computers. Today with the latest technology and with the many software tools that are available it is possible to keep track and to monitor what others are doing while using a particular computer or the designated computers in any given network. Though there are many key loggers available in the market not all of them are equally reliable. One of the important qualities that is essential for a key logger is that it should not be visible for the user. Only when the key logger tool is invisible the user’s true colors will be seen. If the key logger is visible users can also try to deactivate it or try to hack them. Therefore, all and any key logger programs used should be invisible. It should not be possible to track their presence in any way.

Award Keylogger is one of the best key logger programs available. This is one of the most reliable invisible key logger that will log every single key stroke on any given computer. Award Keylogger allows the administrator monitor any given computer as all the keystrokes will be logged on to a log file. These log files can be sent secretly as emails or through FTP to a specified location. This allows the administrator to have almost real time monitoring of one’s computer.

Award Keylogger is an advanced invisible key logger tool using which it is possible to take screen shots every few minutes as chosen by the administrator. It is also possible to activate the screenshot mode whenever a specified word is typed. This program will help the administrator check whether a particular computer is misused in any way with appropriate proof. Using the most advanced technology, this software tool does not create any suspicion when it runs in the background. It makes use of minimal system resources without slowing down the system speed. Logging of keystrokes, taking of screenshots, sending emails regularly etc., happen in stealth mode without getting the attention of the person that is being monitored. As this software produces enough proofs, it will be easy to confront the person misusing the computer.

There is no use having a keystroke logger if its presence can be easily noticed or if it can be easily stopped. Award Keylogger acts as the best tool as it is highly powerful even as it operates in the stealth mode.

Award Keylogger is one of the easiest tools available. It does not require any special technical knowledge. It is very easy to install in any system and perform the monitoring activities. Award Keylogger does not divulge its presence in any form. Even the most sophisticated spyware programs cannot track its presence. Using this tool, it is possible to get logs of all the accounts maintained by the users and their respective passwords for all the applications.

The advanced features available in this program allows the users to view all the screenshots as slide show making the entire process easy and fast. It is not possible to escape this tool even if the users are using instant messengers. This works with all the instant messengers. It is possible to keep track of instant messenger conversations. As this tool sends screenshots, visual monitoring is possible using this tool.

It is a powerful tool that is capable of capturing key strokes that are converted to asterisks in the password field. Even mouse clicks can be captured giving a complete picture of how your computer is being used. Award Keylogger will give a complete list of all the websites visited by the user. Added to that, notifications can be set for specific keywords.

Number of key word loggers will not be able to track key strokes in the password fields and some of them will not be able to track keystrokes that are made in password protected pages. Even if the computer has multiple user profiles, Award Keylogger will work with all the logins. It will work even if the computer has firewall programs and it will be absolutely invisible for the firewalls giving you 100% invisibility. Number of key loggers available do not support international keyboards but with Award Keylogger there is no such problem. It works well with all types of keyboards.

Award Keylogger is one of the most comprehensive key loggers available on the internet. A key logger will be useful only when it is reliable and stable. If the tool used is unstable, then complete surveillance is not possible. Award Keylogger is one of the most preferred keystroke monitoring tool as it is 100% accurate and highly stable. As it cannot be detected by any firewalls and spyware programs, it is the best tool that you can ever find to monitor your employees as well as your family members.

Given its advanced features and capabilities, this is one of the cheapest key logger tools available in the market. No more fear of misuse of your computers or sneaky activities by your family members and employees. This tool puts you in complete control of your computer whether you are there or not. You will get instant access to its usage through automatic emails. You can monitor your computer from any part of the world as you can check the emails sent from any location. As Award Keylogger is one of the most sophisticated tools created using latest technology, it cannot be turned off by any unauthorized person. Keep your computer monitored using this most efficient key logger.

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