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How Invisible Keylogger and Stealth Keylogger Software Can Work Unseen on Your Computer

These days, it is already possible to keep track of the activities being performed in one's computer. One way to do this is by installing invisible keylogger software.

Also known as stealth keylogger software, installing this tool can provide assistance, particularly in determining if your other half is cheating on you or if your kids are going to websites with objectionable content or are mingling with people who just might be Internet child predators.

Now, keylogging software's increasingly becoming a common tool being installed into most computers. Before, a keylogger is something that a hacker is likely to put in your computer in order to access your most important information. Lots of people are currently installing this program so as to keep track of the things people are doing on their computer.

Installing an invisible keylogger program can be just what you need to keep informed on everything that's happening in your PC ?whether you are there to see it or not. The major function of stealth keylogger applications is to keep track of every stroke performed on the keyboard, passwords to any membership website, email addresses and online activities like visited sites and chat sessions. As the keylogger runs undetected in the background of your operating system, it will not show up on the start menu, in a program list or on any toolbar. Of course, the only ones who can access the logs of the keylogger are people with administrative privileges on the computer, usually parents or persons who installed it.

If there are signs of such software running on a computer such as pulsating icons and shining symbols anywhere on the screen, be wary that everything you are doing in your computer is already being monitored, traced and recorded. If you let this go on, the person who installed it can gain access even to your private information and accounts.

If you installed a stealth keylogger program, it serves as your eyes and ears when it comes to computer usage. Any person who uses your computer will have their activity monitored and recorded in an especially encrypted log, which only you can assess and evaluate, any time you like. Since there are various types of invisible keylogger applications, you can view these logs anytime.

Aside from the ability of the stealth keylogger program to perform undetected, it can also automatically start running right away. They can record everything, store logs into hidden files and discretely place such files in archives then send it to preconfigured email addresses.

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