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Main Functions of Keylogger 64 Bit

For those who want to know what their friend or co-workers are doing online and those who would like to check up on their spouse or children to know what they are doing on the computer have keylogger 64 bit to consider. It is the most feasible device when it comes to monitoring online activity in just 2 minutes. This program operates on the installed computer, completely unseen from its users, and then logs everything that is typed in a protected file.

Keylogger 64 bit is a top-rated, imperceptible and easy-to-use surveillance tool that records each keystroke onto a log file. The log file can be sent furtively with email or FTP to a particular receiver. Keylogger 64 bit can also identify particular keywords and take a screenshot whenever one is typed, displaying findings in an orderly log viewer. It causes no apprehensive slowdowns and only entails very few system resources. As this happens in a completely furtive mode, the individual being monitored won't have a clue and will remain unresponsive to it.

Through the keylogger 64 bit software, you can set up total control over your computer. You will also discover the goings on in your computer during your absence (including what was run and even typed in). Keylogger 64 bit also serves as the best Internet protection software to people who allow their kids to use the PC. By using the Keylogger 64 bit software regularly, you can recover the formerly typed text just in case it gets lost.

The mechanism of this software lies in hidden mode so it is unseen on the Windows operating system including Windows 98, ME, NT, Windows 2000, windows XP and VISTA. Only you alone can outlook the software simply because it is password protected.

The main features of keylogger 64 bit are easy-to-use even for beginners. It is totally invisible as you can put it in stealth mode. It can also log messages in instant messengers, trace both 32- and 64-bit application activities. It is also able to send logs by means of e-mail, visual surveillance, shore up screenshot views, screenshot slide shows and collect log accounts and passwords in every application. Furthermore, it can catch the contents at the rear of the asterisks, it can also support the printing of the log, upload every logs into separate folders via FTP, record the websites visited, capture AIM, AOL, ICQ chats and Yahoo.

Keylogger 64 can also detect keywords and provide notification, record contents of password of secluded web pages, catch mouse clicks and log the Windows clipboard. It is favored because it is unseen by the firewall program, imperceptible in the Windows startup list and it can monitor all the users of the computer.

This HTML file is undetectable in Windows NT, Windows2000 and Windows XP Task Manager. It can record Windows 2000/XP logon passwords, catch DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes as well as support international keyboards and external log viewer,. It is also known to record Windows 9.x/Me logon passwords; it is optimized for Windows XP and it exports log to HTML.

keylogger 64 bit is also supported by Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows x64 Platforms, Windows Windows 7 x64 Edition and Windows 8 x64 Edition.

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