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Protect your kids online with Family Keylogger

Any parent living in this day and age has concerns over their children’s internet safety. As we all know, there are plenty of porn sites out there that can easily be accessed by kids. And even if we can block them from our computers, tech savvy children can easily unblock them using proxy servers and IP addresses. But not only that, there are a lot of criminals and pedophiles lurking behind avatars inside the chat rooms your children go to. With the Family Keylogger, you can track your child’s online activity and through this it can help parents in preventing their children from becoming an easy target in cyberspace.

As the name suggests, the Family Keylogger is a software designed and optimized for home use. It is a very easy-to-use software, accessible even to beginners. In fact, you only need to perform 2 steps in order to operate it. First, you have to set the “Start in hidden mode” and “Remove from tasks list” options and then you just let in run on your computer. It will run in the background, reside in the computer’s memory and it will remain completely invisible to every other user except for the person who installed it. All you need to do to access the data logs is to press the secret “unhide” key combination on the keyboard.

It will log all activity done on your computer like chat messages and email messages that are either incoming or outgoing. It can also track internet activity like websites visited and URL’s that were typed in. It can record passwords used to enter protected sites like email accounts and social networking profiles. It can even record all computer-related activities like file transfers and file manipulation.

All this documentation is saved in a hidden data log file that can be sent to your email address or through your FTP folders. This means that you will be informed whenever, wherever. So if you simply want to know what is happening on your computer or track your child’s activity on the internet, installing the Family Keylogger is the best solution to your problem.

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