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Home Keylogger—Keeping Your Children Under Watchful Eyes

Growing kids, especially the boys these days spend hours on the Internet browsing who knows what. As parents, we want to keep our children away from sites that they shouldn’t be looking at—porn to be exact. There are hundreds of porn sites out there, along with chat rooms that make our children easy prey for pedophiles. Blocking these sites from our home computers barely work anymore. What we need is a stealthy partner that can keep our children safe from the Internet 24/7.

The Home Keylogger offers protection that no other software can ever give. This amazing program allows you to keep a log on your children’s Internet activity. This will serve as your personal computer guard that never rests as long as your computer is online. With this installed in your computer, you’ll never miss any minute while your children are logged in.

What’s great is that Home Keylogger records the websites being visited in your computer invisibly. This means that there is no icon in your desktop. There will also be nothing in the Start Menu. Absolutely no trace of its existence will appear in your Windows Add/Remove program or in your Task Manager. Only you will know it’s there and only you can gain access to it using a hotkey and a password. So that even if your tech savvy kid miraculously finds out about Home Keylogger, there will be no way to erase what’s recorded.

It can record keystrokes typed in any application, like user name, password, chats, instant messages, e-mails, searches, and other contents. All the recorded information is time stamped and categorized accordingly so that you know what you’re looking at. Home Keylogger also has the power to record URLs along with the website title and the time stamp. With this software, you not only get to spy on your kids’ online activities but you’ll also know what games they’ve been playing, movies they’ve been watching, pictures they’ve been ogling at, and files they’ve been modifying.

Not only that, you can also take screenshots within a few seconds’ interval. This gives you a better picture of the situation and allows visual assessment to your children’s activities.

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