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Keylogger: Surveillance for Every Family Computer

The Internet has many uses. Undeniably, it plays a very important role in our lifestyle today. However, it is also true that it can be an unfavorable place for a child to be surfing. Free porn sites are everywhere and your child can just Google the word “sex” and he’ll be on to some nasty websites that show mature contents in no time at all. As parents, we don’t want our children to have access to such videos, photos, and even chat rooms. That is why we need to take steps to make sure they are kept away from viewing such sites.

Blocking them from our computer can work for a four year old kid. But when your child starts going to school and learn more about computers, you’ll need a more effective and powerful tool to keep them from going beyond where they’re supposed to.

Keylogger is powerful software that offers surveillance to your computer’s activities. It is an invisible program that keeps a record to the computer where it’s installed. Your child won’t have a clue he/she is being spied on even when you’re away. The icons in the desktop, Start Menu, Task Manager, and even in the Add/Remove Programs are nonexistent. There’s absolutely no trace that the program exists in your computer.

And if by some insanely rare chance your child finds out about the program, no worries. The software is password protected so that anyone using the computer cannot erase or modify the logged files in the Keylogger.

This top-rated surveillance tool records everything. It logs any application run by the computer, websites, movies, pictures, files, e-mails, instant messages, chats and any other contents. It can also record usernames and even see through passwords hidden as asterisks in the input box.

Keylogger also has a very interesting capability of detecting keywords. Whenever one is typed, screenshots are made and are categorized neatly for easy and systematic browsing. All the while, it does not produce any suspicious slowing of the computer and uses minimal resources. Anyone using your computer will not feel that there is another application running behind the curtains, recording every activity.

The logs are recorded and sent secretly via e-mail or FTP to a specified receiver so that you are updated regularly. It is also compatible with most Windows operating systems. With the Keylogger you will have eyes on your kids even when you’re away.

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