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Keystroke Logger: Putting an Eye on Your Computer

If you have a growing kid in the family or are sharing your computer with somebody else, it’s good to know what applications, websites, and other programs are being used while you’re away. This is particularly useful in monitoring your children’s activities with your computer whether it is online or offline.

The Keystroke Logger is a very special program that can do just that. It has the ability to log what applications are being used in your computer without being known by the any user except you. It can hide itself and dodge even an active search for the program. It uses minimal resources and does not cause your computer to slow down while active.

Keystroke Logger is an incredibly powerful surveillance software. It can catch all keystrokes entered by any user, including usernames and even passwords typed in any application. It also has a frighteningly helpful feature that is able to capture the contents behind the asterisks. So that other users will have no secrets left in your computer after you’ve installed the Keystroke Logger.

Aside from monitoring your children, the Keystroke Logger can also serve many purposes. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, install this software in your computer to monitor what he/she does online. If by chance your partner is into online dating and uses it to communicate with the other man/woman, you’ll be able to know exactly what the third party looks like using the program’s screenshot capability. The files are logged, time stamped and organized in a systematic way for easy reviewing.

If you’re an employer, the Keystroke Logger will prove useful by providing a surveillance system to your employees. Using this system, you’ll be able to make sure they are spending their working hours doing what they’re supposed to and not goofing around viewing porn, shopping, chatting, or playing online games. It can also retrieve any lost files and documents you’ve been working on in case a power failure ensues or your computer crashes.

This program can also view instant messages, e-mails, chats, and other such contents. It also has a keyword detection that activates the screenshots if the keyword is typed. It is compatible in most Windows operating system, easy to use, and the most powerful of its kind.

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