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Keystroke Recorder: A Must For Every User

The Keystroke Recorder is a world-renowned product that provides surveillance in your computer’s activities. It can record every application, website, picture, video, game, chat, message, and other contents that your computer processes. It is an extremely powerful tool that operates stealthily and away from any other user’s sight. This software is particularly useful for users such as:

Parents. Kids today have access to pornography of any kind mainly because of the internet. There are free porn sites that offer readily accessible videos, pictures, and even chat rooms with live web cameras that show every inch of a woman’s (or man’s) body. The Keystroke Recorder serves as an eye that looks after your kids’ activities online. So that when your child tells you that he/she needs to research for an assignment, you’ll know if your kid is really doing what he/she’s supposed to be doing.

Employers. Aside from being the eye of parents, the Keystroke Recorder also serves well in an office full of employees. Using this program, business administrators will be able to put a hidden surveillance to their employees’ computers to provide a timely log in their activities during working hours. This is very useful in keeping the employees who make efficient use of their time and kicking out ungrateful members of the staff that waste their paid time chatting, shopping, viewing porn, or playing.

General users. This is also incredibly useful for the general user. Using the Keystroke Recorder, you’ll be able to record every activity in your computer. So that if by any chance, your computer shuts down for no good reason while you are working on something, you will be able to retrieve that file and continue working on it again. As easy as that.

Keystroke Recorder also has the ability to take screen shots on your computer. It is absolutely invisible so that no other users will know you have such a program installed. It is able to capture usernames and passwords, even the contents behind the asterisks. The logged files are organized methodically and are sent via e-mail or FTP. It does not take up too much resource and does not cause your computer to slow down. The program is also compatible in any Windows OS, and best of all, it’s very easy to use.

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