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Stealth Keylogger: Your Personal Computer Spy

Keeping a child away from harm and giving him/her a good environment to grow is what any sensible parent would do. No loving parent would want their child to be exposed to anything that would deter a good childhood. That is why there are child-proof houses, rules, and curfews to protect them from themselves.

However, the fact remains that no parent can keep an eye on their child every minute of the day. There’s school, and there’s work. The only time you could actually watch over them is after school and during the weekends. So when you’re away, you don’t know if what they’re doing is not appropriate or may even harm them, especially when on the internet.

What you need to secure your child’s safety in the internet, even while you’re away is the Stealth Keylogger. The name says it all. It logs everything your child does in your computer and you’ll see every bit of information using the program. It hides itself even from the most tech savvy kids so that it doesn’t show itself in the Startup list and the Task Manager. You can even hide the icons. There will absolutely be no trace of this program in your computer and only you will know it’s there.

Aside from using the Stealth Keylogger to monitor your kid’s activity online, you can also use it to check on your employees’ activities during work. With its special abilities, you can ensure that they are doing what they’re paid to do and not shopping, viewing porn, chatting, or playing computer games. Furthermore, you can also use Stealth Keylogger to recover any documents you or your employees have been working on if ever a power failure or computer crash occurs.

In doubt of your partner? If you have reason to believe that your partner is cheating on you, install Stealth Keylogger on your computer to record everything he/she is doing while you’re gone. If he/she is into online dating, then you’ll catch him/her red handed using the program’s screen shots. Using this feature you’ll also be able to see who your partner’s been cheating with.

Stealth Keylogger is a very powerful program that can help you in many ways. It can even capture passwords shown on screen with asterisks. It is very easy to use and is compatible with almost any Windows OS.

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