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Why More and More Parents are Using the Family Keylogger Software

Keystroke logging systems are often used by companies to let them know what employees are doing while at work. It basically makes a record of the websites and programs that they use while inside the office premises. This technology is now being used at home, and the program is called Family Keylogger.

Most parents today are employed, and children are left home alone most of the time. This can leave children free to use the internet and the computer however they want. While it is OK to let children have some freedom, most parents are concerned that their kids may be making friends with criminals online unknowingly. Pedophiles and criminals are abundant online, and are just waiting for their next victim. Usual victims are aged 13 years old and below, they usually pose as people who are trying to make friends with children online, until they eventually lure them into meeting up with them in person.

While it may seem absurd for some parents to think of this scenario, it is better to be protected from it before it can happen to their beloved children. Some children will not tell their parents about what they exactly do when they’re online.

A family keylogger program helps parents monitor their childrens’ online activities even if they’re away. Teenagers especially, are susceptible to visiting porn sites and can make unauthorized purchases online. Not only that, the family keylogger can also track usernames and passwords that are used while online, it logs messages typed in any online messenger application, as well as the websites that are visited without the user knowing that their actions are being traced.

Another benefit of the Family Keylogger is monitoring online purchases. Most consumers these days use their credit cards to make purchases over the internet. There are times that customers get fraud charges on their credit cards, and having this nifty system can help them track it down.

At this day and age, as much as parents would like to be with their family all time, it’s just not possible. If there is anything a loving parent would want, it would be to protect their family even if they are away. The Family Keylogger makes this task possible for every hardworking parent who wants to protect their children and their family from any online predators.

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