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The Benefits of a Home Keylogger System

Keylogging technology is getting high favorable responses from current users. These days, the use of keylogger technology is no longer limited to businesses, even home owners are finding it very useful for them; thus the product Home Keylogger was born.

For those who haven’t heard of the keylogger system yet, what this software does is that it monitors and logs every activity that is done on the computer, even if the operator is away. It records all keystrokes, websites visited, and even usernames and passwords that were used. The main reason why home owners subscribe to Home Keylogger is that it lets them check what involves other family members’ online activities.

This technology can help users protect their family and loved ones over the internet while they’re away. Website blocking used to be the only technology that prevents children from visiting porn sites and fraudulent websites; however, this technology is no longer applicable, as children these days are more internet savvy and can easily unblock filtered websites and use proxies to access banned websites.

The keylogger can also be used by students who share their computers with roommates or friends. Computer owners can monitor the computer activity while they’re away; giving them the assurance that no one is tampering or accessing their personal files. Main features of this software include keystroke logging (the system will record all keys that were typed), websites visited, screenshots, applications used, and it also lets computer owners manage the settings for the system.

The software is downloadable online, those who are still skeptical on purchasing the product can review the features that come with it prior to buying it. There are some websites that offer a free trial of the system. However, trial versions may have limited support available.

System specifications need to be checked as well before downloading the software. Supported operating systems are: Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 9, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The software needs approximately 3.87 MB to 4.99 MB, depending on the home keylogger edition that a user decides to purchase. Minimum system requirements include 60 mb free disk space; an 800 X 600 screen display with atleast 256 colors; and the latest (compatible) version of Internet Explorer (5.0 or higher)—IE 6 or 7 is recommended.

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