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How the Invisible Keylogger Can Work For Employers

More and more companies are using keystroke logging systems to efficiently manage and monitor employee activities during work hours. The main feature of this system is to record all computer activities (websites visited, emails, chat messages) down to the very last keystroke. This technology is called the Invisible Keylogger system.

The system is used mainly to check if employees are being productive at work, that confidentiality of sensitive information is maintained, and there are no fraudulent transactions going on. The use and installation of the system is very simple; also once the Invisible Keylogger has been installed, other computer users won’t know that their actions are being tracked. Employees who are aware that they’re being monitored tend to be more productive and shy away from online activities and applications that are not within their job description; hence, ensuring business owners that they are getting the value for their money with every paycheck that goes out. The Invisible Keylogger makes it possible for employers to catch a fraudulent act before it’s too late.

The keylogger doesn’t cause the system to crash as some users think; so long as the minimum system requirements are met, they can expect the program to run seamlessly along with other running applications.

There are two ways on how computer owners can get the Invisible Keylogger system installed on their computers:
1. Software based Keyloggers – these are downloadable software that customers can use to install the keylogger system. It’s also the most efficient and most popular type, since it doesn’t require any physical installation (i.e.: new equipment, etc.) to get the system running;

2. Hardware based Keyloggers – require for users to install a particular equipment (usually between the keyboard and the CPU). Each type of system has its’ own pros and cons. Installing keylogger system using a software doesn’t make it noticeable physically; while installing a hardware based keylogger wouldn’t take as much space on the hard disk. Users can decide on how to install it by knowing how their business or their office works. They can decide on available resources to make the right decision.

Employers can retrieve Invisible Keylogger reports via text format or via email. Employers won’t need to log on to the monitored computer to retrieve the reports; it can be delivered to a remote computer thru an SMTP system and can be accessed anywhere.

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