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Using Keystroke Logger

Keystroke logger is the main term used for the keystroke logging systems. This new form of technology enables a person or an employer to continually monitor a particular computer’s actions even through a remote location. Files opened, created, deleted and sent via email can be easily tracked using this system. Most employers who want to keep the security of their systems and their business install a Keystroke logger to completely observe the goings on in their organization; not only do they get to keep track of their employees’ actions, but they also get to check how they can further improve their current office settings.

The price of a Keystroke logger varies. A 64 kb PS2 based hardware keylogger can cost around $30 to $40, while a 1mb PS2 based one will cost around $200 to $450—this can come with time stamping, a hardware accelerator, and advanced software programs. Those who would prefer to take it anywhere can opt to purchase a USB keylogger stick, which costs about $50 to $85.

Another option is to download the software from a trusted website. This method, however, will consume some hard disk space of atleast 4 mb, the total free disk space required is 60 mb. While there are companies who offer free Keystroke logger downloads, support may not be sufficient after downloading the software.

One of the best features of a Keystroke logger is that it works on invisible mode. Users won’t suspect that their actions are being recorded while at work. Programs and applications will look the same, as well as the systems’ performance. Most multinational companies are already equipped with this system; and most employees are already made aware by their employers that such program is in place; which makes them more unlikely to visit websites not related to work, or perform fraudulent actions. Though there are still employers who do not disclose the presence of this system on their network to test employees’ honesty and dependability. Those who are caught using their work computers for personal use may face dim consequences that could even lead for them to lose their jobs.

While a Keystroke logger is mainly used in the office, it is also gaining popularity for residential users. Parents who want to keep their children safe from online pranksters and criminals use this kind of system to monitor their kids’ activities even when they’re not at home.

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