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Keylogger 64 Bit: Its Basic Functions

Do you want to obtain full control of your computer and make sure that you keep an eye on everything that happens in there? If your answer is yes, then a Keylogger 64 bit is perfect for you. As a top-rated and effective surveillance tool, you can expect every keystroke of your computer to be recorded on a log file. Once the recording is done, the log file can be immediately sent through an email or FTP to a specific receiver. The transfer of file is done in a stealthy manner so no one will ever suspect that you are constantly monitoring the equipment and the person using it. Specific keywords can also be easily detected by this tool by taking a screenshot of the typed word.

Because you will know what is exactly going on in your computer whenever you are not around, you can really expect to establish full control into it. You no longer need to guess what particular programs are being run or what things are being typed into your computer when Keylogger 64 bit software is installed. In case you lose certain files like your previously typed texts, you can expect to easily recover them. With the help of the software, everything can be easily restored to ensure that you will never have any difficulty looking for those files. You do not also need to worry about other people viewing the software. Since it is protected by a password, only you get the chance to view it and its records.

Aside from all that, the features of the software can be easily used. This means that you will not have a hard time navigating the software and finding out how it will work. Because of the convenience of its use, it is best for you to have the Keylogger 64 bit installed in your computer. It is effective in ensuring that you are able to monitor everyone who uses your computer. You will know what your friends, your spouse or your children are doing in your computer whenever they get the chance to use it. Through this, you will be able to control everything that happens to it, thereby ensuring that all of its contents will never be put into harm.

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