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keylogger for children

Ever wondered how you can truly protect your children when they are online? Let's face it with all the software programs and protection devices available our children are still in danger. It seems like every time you check the statistics they are constantly rising and people are still baffled as to how they can stop their children from being harmed.

There are lots of ways on how to protect your children online. One of the most common forms of protecting your children on the Internet is via a type of monitoring software. This kind of software enables parents to set controls over chat rooms and websites which your children could visit. This makes it an ideal tool in ensuring that your children never fall prey to online predators or any undesirable people who can prey on their innocence.

The keylogger for children is a monitoring software which can establish full control from your children.

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With Keylogger for children monitoring software, you can:

Get all keystrorkes
This powerful Keylogger for childern can record all keystrokes typed in any application window, including user name, password, emails, chats, instant message (MSN/AOL/ICQ/AIM ), search queries and other content. The records are timestamped and categorized by the window title they belong to, so you can tell when and what documents were being typed.

Get websites activity logging
The software record all websites URL visited in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Keylogger for children will log the website URL, the website title, and the timestamp.

Get snapshot for computer
Keylogger for children can take picture of the Windows Desktop just like a automatic surveillance camera! It will capture images at few SECONDS instead of minutes in other monitor program. You have the option of taking pictures of the entire screen or just of active window, and saving the pictures in high quality or low quality JPEG format. Award Personal Monitor will also log the active window name and the timestamp when the screen shot was taken. Keylogger for children also supports to capture screenshot when you click mouse or press Enter key.

Get Application Activity Logging
Keylogger for children can record all applications' window activity taken place on your computer! It will log the window title, the opening and closing time of the window, and the current user name. By this you can find out what movies/games were played, what files were modified, what pictures were displayed, and so on.

Get Email Report
It is not necessary to gain physical access to monitored computers in order to view their logs. The powerful Keylogger for children program is able to deliver logs to remote computer via its built-in SMTP engine, and can be read anywhere.

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