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Keylogger Program is a fast and easy-to-use surveillance tool that enables you to discover what other users are doing in your computer while you are away from your machine. Award keylogger software records keystrokes of every user activity executed on the computer in encrypted log files which can be automatically sent to a specified email ID or remote FTP server. It does this in the background, so it is invisible to users

Award Keylogger can enable furtive supervision and tracing of real time activities performed by users on a machine with this software installed. Through this tool, you can easily monitor activities such as application windows opened, every key pressed and websites visited as well as emails sent and received. Even Internet chats are also monitors along with executed application with matching screenshots. Through the Award Keylogger, you can become competent in viewing the list of running processes. You can also terminate undesirable ones.

Download keylogger program free

Key Features:

Absolutely invisible/stealth mode
Record keystrokes typed on any applications
Logs accounts and passwords typed in the every application
Logs message typed in all instant messengers
Multiple monitors support
Record desktop screenshots by interval
Record websites visited
Keyword Detection and Notification
Stealthy & undetectable Monitoring, Recording
Secretly send logs to email box or FTP space
Password protected

Keylogger Program - Main Window
Keylogger Program Free - Options
Keylogger Program - Logs Viewer

The Award Keylogger suports Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows x64 platforms.

Download keylogger program free

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