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spy app for iPhone

When it comes to the Spy App for iPhone, the Spy App for iPhone by Award Software is the only right choice for you. Spy App can records keystrokes, passwords, SMS, call history, mails, web history and screenshots. This information can be converted to the HTML format and sent secretly with email to a specified receiver.

There’s every reason why you should be downloading Spy App for iPhone. All activities on iPhone are recording in stealth mode by Spy App. Without the user knowing it, secret recording of data is done.

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iPhone Spy App is designed for iOS 4.0 and later, supported both armv6 and armv7.

It is very easy to install the Spy App on iPhone:
1) Open Cydia
2) In Cydia, Tap on the "Sources" tab (Tap on the "Manage" tab and then on "Sources" when on iPhone)
3) Touch "Edit" and then "Add" button
4) Add source by entering ""
5) Then browse our repository to install it. After installation, open Safari and enter "http://localhost:8089" to configure it.
For getting the detail steps, please click here.

Key Features:
Record keystrokes typed on any applicatons
Log accounts and passwords typed in the every application
Record desktop screenshot by any interval
Log web history(Supports Safari, Chrome and opera)
Trace location(Available in next version)
Record text pasted
Log SMS & call history
Log in/out mails
Record application launched
Send logs to Email/FTP automatically
Secretly monitoring in stealth mode
Work on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
Password Protected

Spy App for iPhone
Download iPhone Spy App Free
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