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Keylogger Software

Computer usage has become the primary method for communications and for performing many critical business processes. Computers are used to control energy and utility systems, aircrafts, and perform financial transactions. It is not surprising that corporations and individual users alike are demanding an audit trail of past computer commands when a disaster or mistake occurs. Similarly, because company employees spend their entire work day sitting at a computer, management is asking for tools to monitor the work that is actually being performed. Maintaining a list of every command entered is a great way to perform a look-back review following an incident or to ensure that employees are performing their assigned job roles.

One tool for monitoring user activity is Keylogger. Award Software has developed this free key logger tool that is available in a downloadable full version from their site. A free full version Keylogger software download can provide you with the tools you need to monitor applications that have been opened, or websites that have been viewed on a particular computer. A key logger keeps a record of every single key pressed on the user’s keyboard, including those within applications such as email or productivity software. A free full version downloaded Keylogger gives you the power to keep an eye on all the computer activity that occurs in your workplace.

Download the full version of Keylogger to obtain access to all the features Award Software offers to its clients. As the administrator of this key logging software, you will be able to view and terminate any running processes on the computer being monitored. Keylogger runs in stealth mode, meaning that the user will be unaware that a monitoring program is taking note of each keystroke they perform. Account names and passwords can be logged for any application, and all keystrokes are sent to a logging server. You can even set up keystroke information to be sent directly to your email. If you are specifically concerned that someone is looking at inappropriate or questionable content, you can set up keyword notifications using Keylogger – anytime the user enters the keyword, you will be alerted.

For your own protection as the administrator, the full version of the free Keylogger software is password protected. This means that only you or your delegates can review the activity of any user. Download the free full version of Keylogger software today to find out in what activity your users are involved. This free download of Keylogger software can be considered a real-time private investigator when you are trying to pinpoint illegal activity on your network.

Parents may also be interested in the Internet activity of their children. Keylogger can be used to maintain strict parental controls and ensure children are only viewing friendly, age-appropriate content. Use the free full version of Keylogger software to review your teenagers’ chat history, too. Your family will be unaware that you are watching their every move online, but you will be happier knowing you have some control over their activity.

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