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Importance of Bulk Mailing Software

For people in search of software that can send bulk mails to clients or prospects, bulk mailing software can provide great assistance. This application is developed with the intention to send a high number of personalized bulk mails onto a large number of subscribers. This may be through the form of email newsletters, email marketing flyers, email announcements and more.

This mailing program covers all the features for a successful bulk mailing system. It is capable of sending to more than 100000 email addresses each day. It also features an option to manage bounced bulk mails, mechanical bulk mail subscription and un-subscription options. It can also click reports for tracking visits to your website from your bulk mail campaign. It can also read or open reports of mass mails and offers provisions to bring in bulk mailing data from excel, CSV, IMAP mail accounts as well as from other databases. It also does HTML mailing and the provision to save bulk mailing templates in the software.

Aside from the features mentioned above, there are added functionality in this bulk mailing software. These features include mechanically deleting bounced mails from your bulk mailing database, sending automated personalized bulk mails to your subscribers with the mail merge option where you can obtain comprehensive click tracking reports for every mass mailing campaign. You can also send HTML based bulk emails or newsletters as well as use your own SMTP server. You can rent out dedicated SMTP servers if you need to. You may also bring in bulk mailing data from excel, CSV files and from other databases where there is no need to wait until the mass mailing process is complete. 

When using bulk mailing software, it is always important to consider the benefits it offers. Here are some of the benefits of bulk mailing software:

1) This software enables you to track your bulk mailing response. You can obtain a comprehensive report of the number of individuals opening or reading your bulk email messages. This report helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your bulk email marketing campaigns.

2) Another benefit is through the Internal WYSIWYG rich-text (HTML) Editor. This software has a fixed rich-text HTML editor for creating beautiful HTML and text newsletter messages. The internal editor has different sections for HTML, preview and for the HTML source code. It is also able to bring in HTML files from an external HTML editor and attach it to multiple file attachments.

3) Lastly, it deals with bulk mailing subscriptions. With this type of mailing software, you can accurately organize subscription and un-subscription requests correctly. Each mail sent from this application provides one un-subscription link. If somebody feels like unsubscribing from your bulk email, the user can basically do that by clicking on the un-subscription link shown in the bottom side of your bulk email message.

Learn the different functions and benefits of bulk mailing software to make tasks easier and more convenient. More information and the latest updates are available at Award-Soft.Com.  

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