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The awards winning email marketing tools suite from Award Software, Inc

Whether you are the owner of a successful business or a budding internet entrepreneur selling goods online, email marketing is a tool that might have crossed your mind. And it should cross your mind because email marketing is fast becoming an essential tool when promoting products. However, managing a large contact list can be time-consuming and stressful at the same time. But thanks to Award Software, Inc. an application that can solve this dilemma has been created. It’s the Emailer email marketing toolssuite.

This software suite allows you to harness the power of email marketing at the palm of your hands. With the Emailer email marketing tools suite, you can create and send personalized messages to an unlimited number of email addresses. You can also manage your contacts with great control. You can create and manage groups of email addresses to perform split marketing. You can also create as many sender accounts as you want. Other than these features, you can also create an “Unsubscribers List” that you can use if a product or service is not directed towards them. It is also possible for you to import your text file, CSV, EXCEL and Access database?contacts into the software.

Besides the great control you can apply to your email list, you also have great control over the delivery of the emails. The software can take care of emails that bounce back and it will let you verify valid email addresses with the click of a mouse. You can also re-send failed email messages to recipients that classify your emails as “junk” or “spam” mail. Lastly, you can see the status of email messages that you send through the software’s interface. 

Not only can you use the Emailer email marketing tools suite to send messages about new and upcoming products, you can also utilize the software to send out promotional announcements, newsletters, coupons and even press releases. It is an all around tool any business or entrepreneur can use.

So take advantage of email marketing with this top-rated software from Award Software, Inc. With the price tag of $49.95 for a personal license and $99.95 for the corporate license, this software suite is a definite bargain. 

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