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Dream League Soccer game review

Are you a sports fan? Do you love playing football? Or, do you love playing soccer? If yes, then this article is for you. In this high-tech era, the mobile phone has proved itself to be one of the best scientific research and invention by scholar and brilliant scientists. It is said that keeping a mobile phone in the pocket means bringing the whole universe in the pocket. From calling and talking to a person sitting miles away to video chatting with them, somewhere the technology has progressed in a good way.

Not only calling but the mobile phone has also proved its significance in the field of entertainment. From music to movies, from games to interesting new features everywhere mobile and internet have proved its importance. Especially, if the gaming feature is concerned then as the name suggests, gaming in itself is a good source of entertainment. It acts as a stressbuster. Android games are popular among today’s youth generation. There are many games available online to refresh their mood. Youth generation is going through a lot of peer pressure and of course, career-related tension. Whenever it comes to exam season, the pressure increases a level. And to sustain the pressure, they play online android games.

Dream League Soccer is among one of the most well-known android game. Go through the article to know more exciting facts about Dream League Soccer.

What is Dream Soccer League?

Soccer is a game played with a big round ball or football on big open ground or field between two teams. Both the teams consist of 11 players. The players of either team can hit or kick the ball without touching it with their hands and hit the goalpost of the opponent team and make a goal. The team with the maximum number of goals is declared as the winning team.

The android Dream Soccer League game has the basic rules of soccer but with a dreamy Twist!! Yes, in the android soccer game, the player can make their own team and play. The player can choose the good players and play the game.

Features of Dream Soccer League

The exciting and interesting features of Dream Soccer League game makes it different from other android games. Some of its fascinating features are mentioned below. Have a look!!

  • The player can build their own team and play. They are free to choose their players.
  • To build a good and strong team, the player can create his own player, customize him and add more skill to the team.
  • Not only team but the player can also build their own stadium .
  • The player has full freedom to create, customize and supervise their Dream Team.
  • They can also take part in the online Dream League Championship.
  • The character of the game and graphics used in it makes it more attractive and good.

So now, as it can be clearly seen that the features are the most attractive part of the Dream Soccer League android game. The customization of stadium and team are the best part of this game.

Basic Tips and Tricks:- Road to win

Every game has a rule and every player follows a good strategy to win. Below-mentioned is some good tips and tricks that will help a player to win.

  • If the player uninstalls the game and then reinstalls it, then the game will start right from the part which was left by the player.
  • For a player, not only kicking the ball matters. The eyes of the player should be on the ball as well as teammates and opponent teams. This the trick will help you in kicking the ball in the right direction and of course if it works then, the player will successfully make a goal.
  • After the match ends, watch the 30 seconds video to earn a point. It is optional to see the video but of course, the player will need the coins in future so better dedicate your 30 seconds on a video.
  • Try to save yourself from the imposition of penalties.
  • Do not play aggressively. Be cool while passing the ball or making a goal. It is a game. Be calm and polite and concentrate.

The above-mentioned game tricks will definitely help you in the game field.


Every game is incomplete without feedback or reviews. As every coin has it’s two sides, in the same way, reviews may be positive or negative.

The game has good graphics with customization feature. The live commentary makes the game more lively. The Dream Team feature is also great. This game is a good and full source of entertainment.

On the other hand, graphics should be improved and players should be fast. The commentary should be enhanced to make the game more attractive.

In a nutshell, the Dream Soccer League game is awesome and a good stressbuster for today’s generation. The android game lover is loving this game. Especially, soccer fans are getting an exciting opportunity of building their own team and playing in World Championship online. Some enhancement is expected in some areas by the players.

Hence, the Dream Soccer League game is loved by all android gamers. The users are enjoying the feel. Online games have been a good source of entertainment after the advent of the internet. So keep playing and enjoy.…

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