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The unforeseen dangers of the internet

The internet is vast becoming the most popular tool used in everyday living. Almost all homes have a personal computer and access to the internet, but the question remains do you know what your family are looking at? The internet is full of hidden dangers, there are Computer Hackers who gain access to all your personal details and information, spy ware that can Hijack your computer and monitor everything you do not to mention the whole bothersome thing of porn and Pornography. 

Allowing your children to have access to the internet can be a frightening experience. There are so many dangers to be aware of when letting your children use the internet. Children love to chat and make friends and the internet is an excellent place to do this, however there are many hidden dangers. Instant Messaging has become the phone for children today and many of them are spending hours online with their friends and sometimes strangers. Studies have found that one in five children online is approached by a Sexual Predator trying to set up a face to face meeting. 

Without adequate protection on your computer it is impossible to stop this from happening unless you ban your child from using the computer altogether but who want to do this? There is a solution, a revolutionary new product called the Award Keylogger. This revolutionary new product allows you to see and monitor exactly what your children are doing online. The Award Keylogger once configured will be virtually impossible to detect and it can monitor activities such as AOL messaging, Yahoo messaging, chat rooms, all websites visited and much more. With the information you receive from the Award Keylogger you will be able to set up the Parental Controls on your computer accordingly.

Another amazing feature of the Award Keylogger is its ability to record all application that have been run and the text that has been typed into these applications. It will allow you to capture all passwords and usernames secretly even those that use secure logins. It will allow you to capture all the text that has been typed into AOL/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo and AIM messengers so that you really will know what your children have been up to. The Award Keylogger can also record all websites visited, all email sent and much more.

With the Award Keylogger you really are in control of what your child witnesses on the internet. No more worrying about what they might see, no more worrying about what they are chatting about, with the Award Keylogger you will know everything. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to purchase this revolutionary keylogger? Protect your children from the dangers of the internet now with an Award Keylogger.

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