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The tech savvy child

How Can You Protect Them?

In today's modern society we often find that our kids are often more computer savvy than we are. They can easily sign up for a game or subscribe to a Chat Room service, however, savvy as they may be they still do not understand the consequences of revealing personal information to strangers and this is how they fall for the many internet dangers.

Children no matter how computer savvy they may be are still children and children are curious. They stumble upon information that they may think is related to their search but then turns out to be Pornography. Pornography websites are linked to everything these days including children's toys. Children looking for information on beanies have actually come across links to pornographic websites. You cannot prevent this from happening as these are website searches for specific words such as beanies. Pornographers are buying domain names that are identical to their .com or .org website address and using this as a way to distribute their porn so although the website your child has looked up may indeed say it may in fact be a pornography website.

Another huge danger for children is of course Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging. Instant messaging has become the new phone for children and many of them spend hours chatting to their friends and even strangers. It is here that Pedophiles make their moves pretending to be children looking to make friends. If your child is approached by any strangers or if someone wants to meet them in person you should be aware, it may not be a child and could in fact be a paedophile. 

So I hear you ask, how can I stop these dangers from happening? I'm glad you asked. There is a revolutionary new application called Award Keylogger that allows you view exactly what your child has been doing on the internet. You can see the websites they have visited and you can also see any text that may have been typed into these websites. You can monitor all instant messaging services and see all the text that has been typed here also. You can view sent email, retrieve passwords and usernames even from secure logon sites and best of all the Award Keylogger is invisible and even the most computer savvy child will not know it exists nor will they be able to remove it.

Make no mistake about it your child's safety is the key concern here and the Award Keylogger  is a revolutionary Surveillance Application that allows you to do just this. Using the information you retrieve from the Award Keylogger you can re-programme your parental controls accordingly. Make the smart move and get the Award Keylogger now. The Award Keylogger is the answer we have all been waiting for; do yourself and your children a favor by getting an Award Keylogger. It was made for the people, to protect their children!

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