Scariest Places in GURGAON

Scariest Places in GURGAON

It is a city in Haryana, located in the southwest of New Delhi. It is well known for theoretical shows, also known as the kingdom of dreams. There are some stories of haunting in Gurgaon for a long time. It does not seem a bit dangerous.



The Aravalli biodiversity park is located on the south-central ridge, disperses on an area of 692 acres.

It is a beautiful place which is frequently visited by many tourists.

Some paranormal activities experienced by this park and people report that a harmed couple’s courage haunts the park. It is said that the abused couple was also mentally disabled.

Tourists have also reported some strange sightings condition after the sundown at the Aravalli biodiversity park.


Many people have reported supernatural experience on MG Road in Gurgaon. Some people reported seeing a lady in white saree

next to their vehicle, this lady was a car accident victim, she died on this very road, and now her soul roams on MG Road in late night.


It is located near the Sultanpur bird sanctuary; it is also assumed that Farrukh Nagar Fort is a place where the spirit lives. The mind has been here from hundred years ago, since the time of its construction.

If you are a treasure hunter, you should not try this because the spirit is guarding the royal treasure of the fort.

It’s reported that if any treasure hunter who has tried to break into the treasure chamber of the fort has turned out blind.


There are various horror stories related to this abandoned apartment in sector 56. It is not the place where you want to stay. According to a former resident of this apartment, it’s haunted. It is observed that many horror activities like knocks on the door and sudden flickers of lights. Many more have reported in the past.

The house has remained empty or vacant since it’s last or previous residents left this house.


It is reported that the spirit of a lady ‘rose’ is assumed to be in the office building.

‘Rose’ was a young and energetic woman who was employed here and went missing- reported by former employees. By the inquiry from the HR department, it was disclosed that rose died eight years ago. It later came to know this building is on a former graveyard. The BPO office is famous and mostly documented by filmmakers.

When the office staff was amazed about Rosa not coming to the work for a while now, human resources went to her apartment, which she rented, when they reached space and asked the landlord what happened to the girl living here.

The Landowner replied that no girl or no one was using the apartment for a while now. It’s been one year since he has rented it to anyone. While the office people were amazed, the research went further and rosed their hometown when they reached. They found that Rosa was dead for eight years, which was a shock to them, and then they looked at the photos and inquired more about how she died and how she looked. Parents were astonished when they heard about rose working in a BPO office.

The story made to headlines, and many filmmakers tried to film it, but it was impossible due to families’ issues. You can see the documentary available on YouTube by a famous filmmaker.


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