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Translate Award Keylogger

A more convenient method to support multi-language is available in Award Keylogger Multilanguage Edition. You can translate Award Keylogger very easily in order to help us to create a version of Award Keylogger in your language. It should be noted that multi-language support are under formulation and perfection, so it is recommended that you translate the language file after multi-language support are accomplished. Please allow us to express our most sincere appreciation. In order to thank you, we will provide you with a free key for Award Keylogger.

These languages are available:

Language File Name Download
Turkish lang_tr.lng 
Latvian lang_lv.lng 
Spanish (Peru) lang_es-pe.lng
French (Standard) lang_fr.lng
Russian lang_ru.lng
Hungarian lang_hu-hun.lng

With different language files such as lang_en-us.lng, multi-language support can be realized in Award Keylogger Multilanguage Edition. You will see many string items after opening the language file. The format of texts is _Information=Information. When you translate the language file, you just need to translate the words after  =  (Equal sign). Please do not modify parameters before = .

If you often translate software, you may just scan the following information: 
Parameters that should not be modified: 
1. Please do not modify texts before = (Equal Sign). 
2. Please do not translate text combination of a slash and a letter, such as \n, \t. 
3. Please do not translate text combination of a % and a letter, such as %s, %d.
4. Please do not modify the following keywords when you translate. 
    %s   and other variables
    |   /   :   *   ?   <   >   and other symbols
    \n、\t   and other escape characters

To create a new (own) translation, please, follow these steps:
1. Download the latest version of Award Keylogger Multilanguage Edition from our offical website - click here.

2. Install Award Keylogger multilanguage Edition on your computer.

3. Export a language file to translate it to your language:(Help->Export Language File)
Export a language file
Note: Please translate from English, in order to avoid large deviations after the language files being translated from different languages for many times.

4. Rename your language file, the format of file name is 'lang_'+Language Code+'.lng', like lang_en-us.lng. For example, you want to create German language translation, please rename language file to lang_de.lng.
Note: Language code is unique for every language. Example of American English code is en-us. The list of most language codes can be found at:

5. After you finish the translation or you want to test your work, please import your language file:(Help->Import Language File)
Import a language file

6. Change the default language to your language on the main panel of Award Keylogger, and restart Award Keylogger to take effect.
Change language

Should you have any questions please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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