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How to uninstall Award Keylogger for mac?

  An easy way to uninstall Award Keylogger
    1) Use the default hotkey Ctrl+Shift+~ to call out the main panel of the Award Keylogger.
    2) Click on 'Global Setting' on left of the main panel, it brings up the Options dialog as below:
         Uninstall the Award Keylogger for Mac
     3) Click on 'Uninstall Keylogger Software' to completely uninstall the Award Keylogger from your computer.
     4) Done.

"Our friends recommended us about this product for monitor our children, It is very easy to use, the installation was fast and went smoothly. The program is extremely stealth, it can be set not to be visible to windows (task manager, uninstall list, startup etc). Parent to parent advice - install this software to find out things you should know before it will be too late. - Stevens" 
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